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BAREMINERALS Gen Nude® Patent Lip Lacquer

From mauve, pink, peach, and beige, there's something in this collection for everyone.

Whether it’s fully pigmented colour or a sheer wash on the lips, red is the clear winner for me this month. 

10 New Shades from
Maybelline's Un-Nude Collection

We talk a lot about designer lip products here on LIPSICK, but don't get it wrong, we also love drugstore gems.


Coo-coo for CHANEL'S new Rouge Coco Lip Blush

We recently visited CHANEL’s latest beauty pop-up, the COCO Game Centre at Holt Renfrew...

Bite Beauty Unearthed Collection

Inspired by natural, gritty beauty of young root vegetables just plucked from the earth. 

Buxom Va-Va Plump Shiny Liquid Lipsticks

Buxom has just released their Va-Va Plump Shiny Liquid Lipsticks. These full pigmented lipsticks...


YSL Volupté Liquid Colour Balm

It’s kind of funny that Valentine’s Day comes during the winter, because it’s one of the most challenging times to keep your lips looking super fresh. 

S.O.S For Your Dry Ass Winter Lips

Don’t know where you are, but we’re in Toronto and it’s hella cold. Here are some basic rules when you’re trying to keep your lips looking good...

BITE BEAUTY Prismatic Pearl Multistick

These multisticks have major versatility and crazy shimmer. Inspired by Tahitian pearls, the silicone-free formula contains 35 percent powder...


CHANEL Neapolis Collection SS18

"When I close my eyes and think of Naples, these are the colours I see..."
- Lucia Pica

M.A.C x Patrick Starrr

YouTube's beauty guru, Patrick
Starrr, dropped his collaboration with M.A.C & it left us speechless.

WIYB: Diana's Lipstick Diary

On the daily, I only really carry 3-4 lip products and a compact. Here’s some deets about what’s in my bag...


The Perfect Holiday Reds

These shades are bright, bold, playful, and perfect for puckering up under the mistletoe. 

Benefit Punch Pop Liquid Lip Colour

Ever meet someone and what they’re wearing is totally extra, but their personality is a little subdued?

Bad & Bougie: Luxury Lip Balms

Now that I’m a little older and a little wiser, I find myself straight up splurging on lip balms. 


WIYB: 14 Lippies Nathalie Loves

As co-founder of a blog 100% dedicated to lipstick, it’s no surprise that I always carry about 6 lipsticks.

3 Liquid Lipsticks We Love!

There are only three liquid lipsticks I trust to be consistently reliable, hardworking, and long lasting.

Armani Ecstasy Shine Lipsticks

Armani's Ecstasy Shine colours lips like a cream, moisturizes like a balm and offers the shine of a gloss.

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