The best budget friendly liquid lipsticks?

Before diving into today's lipstick story, I have to give you a little back story of my life long relationship with CoverGirl. First of all, I swear by CoverGirl mascara and if you ask me, they make some of the best ones on the market and yet I've never been able to say the same for the rest of their products. The very first foundation I ever bought was CG. This was back in the 90s when all of the drug story foundations where pink based and it left my skin looking pasty and flakey. (I suffered from acne back then). Fast forward to 2017 and CG is really nailing their colour selection with their new Vitalist Foundation. Have you tried it? It's the bomb dot com. Anyway, since there's so much goodness coming from CG these days, I was excited to get my hands on their new Melting Pout Gel Liquid Lipsticks. Here's the low down.

First of all, as the name suggests these are a gel-like formula. I'd describe it similar to a gloss, but not as thick or sticky and more hydrating. They feel great on the lips and leave a light glossy sheen. Where it falls short is with the deeper shades like Gel-Mate, Rasberry Gelly and Gel-Bird. It's best to put a lip liner underneath in a matching shade to really get the colour to pop, otherwise, it looks a touch streaky. Also, even while I was wearing my lip liner, I found that Gel-Bird (the navy shade) was wearing out really quick so I was touching up after an hour. 

I find the lighter shades in the collection are much easier to wear with more diversity in terms of application. For example, Tan-Gel-O can be used as a pretty lip stain by just dotting a bit of the liquid lipstick over your lips and spreading it with your finger. The lighter shades also work great without a lip liner so if you're a no fuss, no muss type of girl, you're gonna love these! 

Another great thing is that the Melting Pout Gel Liquid Lipsticks mix together really well. For example, the nudes in the collection are a too light for my liking so what I do is tone down by mixing Gelebrity (a neutral brown-nude) with Gelabrate (a light-coral nude). I just dab both of the colours on my lips with my fingers and create a custom nude shade that's perfect for my olive skin tone. (Naturally, my favourite shades are the reds, Tan-Gel-O and Gell Yes.)

So are they the best budget friendly liquid lipsticks?

Maybe not. 

I'll have to take off a few points since the formula fades quickly without a lip liner and needs more touching up than I'd like. Where they score big time, is the colour range. With twelve shades, there's something in there for everyone, from blues to purples, to nudes and classic reds. Also, at $10 a tube, they're cheap, cheerful, hydrating, and easy to apply. 



COVER GIRL MELTING POUT LIQUID LIPSTICK review and swatches - LIPSICK.ME - lipstick beauty blog_1744_1.jpg
COVER GIRL MELTING POUT LIQUID LIPSTICK review and swatches - LIPSICK.ME - lipstick beauty blog_1732_1.jpg
COVER GIRL MELTING POUT LIQUID LIPSTICK review and swatches - LIPSICK.ME - lipstick beauty blog_1759_1.jpg

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