GUERLAIN Rouge G Customizable Lipsticks (new shades & cases)

Last year the Guerlain Rouge G lipsticks where all over social media and I have to admit, I was intrigued. I finally got a chance to try these out for myself after receiving them in PR.

One thing I have to admit is that I had no clue that a mirror was hidden in the clunky lipstick lid. I thought it was purely for design but it turns out to also have a purpose. In addition to that, I also didn’t realize that the cases are purchased separately, therefore making your entire lipstick completely customizable.

I can get behind that.

With 41 shades and three finishes, there’s something for everyone here.

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N°17 Matte Dark Chocolate
N°80 Matte Dark Wine
N°61 Matte Bright Pink
N°44 Matte Orange
N°27 Matte Orangey Red
N°24 Matte Classic Red
N°17 Satin Warm Beige
N°05 Matte Rosy Nude
N°04 Matte Warm Nude



Power Chic (brown faux croc)
Rock N’ Navy (navy faux lizard)
Imperial Rouge (faux leather)
Hype Purple (purple faux lizard)
Rosy Nude (nude faux croc)

This video is NOT Sponsored. Some of the items mentioned here were received as PR.
These opinions are honest and completely my own.