What beauty gurus don't tell you.

So the other day I'm watching Jeffree Star's YouTube channel, which I haven't done in a while, but I'm intrigued by his video title, "Best Matte Lipstick on Earth??", so, of course, I clicked in.

The topic at hand was the new Pat McGrath matte lipsticks, which he swatched and put on his lips so effortlessly sans a lip liner. I don't know about you guys, but I can't seem to stay in the lines without a liner so it drives me crazy when I see other people apply lipstick so perfectly without one. I digress.

He goes on in the video to enthusiastically talk about the rich opaque formula from the new Pat McGrath lipsticks, which are both "hydrating and matte". Interesting because in my opinion, the two can't really coexist. A truly matte formula will never really be hydrating. Am I right?

"It feels good... It is so lightweight... it feels like nothing's on my mouth" 

- Jeffree Star

$52 and up

After his brief, highly biased and clearly sponsored intro, he proceeds to swatch the colours for us and that was it. That's the moment I thought "I need these lipsticks". They went on fully saturated and beautiful in colour and I needed them. I didn't even think about how they would perform in real life when I placed my order for two lipsticks at $52 each! That's Canadian currency for those wondering. 

I get my order from Sephora and I'm finally holding the sequin-filled gold packages in my hands dying to see what's inside. I start swatch them and they go on like Jeffree says, smooth and fully saturated with pigment. The colour just melts effortlessly onto my skin like no lipstick I've ever swatched before. 

So far, so good. 

Now the wear test and where it goes downhill.

First up, neither of the colours I bought, Obsessed! (orange-red) and Flesh 3 (red-brown), apply matte. In fact, they have a slight sheen to them which beauty guru Nikkie Tutorials describes as a "satin-matte" in her Pat McGrath video titled "World's Best Lipsticks??"

I waited and waited for the lipstick to dry down to a matte finish but they never really did. Instead, the formula began to solidify and fade in the centre of my mouth, like a liquid lipstick would. It started to settle into the fine lines of my lips and felt waxy and thick in texture. What originally applied "lightweight", turned into something uncomfortable. Outside of testing them for my review, I haven't been wearing them because they just don't feel good! 

These are the kind of things most beauty guru's leave out of their sponsored videos. Both Jeffree and Nikkie gave a first impression review, failing to mention the words "first impression" and for the most part, left out any negative and honest feedback. Both videos are similar in content and in verbiage which makes me think that the people at Pat McGrath gave them a creative brief about what points to hit in their review. Trust me, I get my fair share of briefs on my fashion blog, woahstyle.com, and sometimes brands are basically looking for an influencer to create an ad versus an actual authentic collaboration. 

What neither Jeffree nor Nikkie do is walk their audience through a day, or even an hour of wearing the product to show how it performs in real life and that in itself is really disappointing. They're probably aware the product is subpar and doesn't wear well in the long run. 


From a consumer stand point, it's important that we ask ourselves questions about what we want from a product before going out to buy something that's insanely hyped up. I mean, I know this and I still fell for it!

Only a few beauty gurus on YouTube like Tati Westbrook (who in my opinion is highly annoying but still) and KathleenLights do a great job in checking in with their audience through the day when testing out a new product. It takes more work on their end and their honesty could even hurt their chance at getting sponsored deals down the road, but it seems they have their audiences best interest in mind. 

Even as you read my blog and I give you guys facts about products or my opinion, I encourage you to ask yourselves questions. Are you looking for a matte lipstick or do you want a gloss? Do you want a good drugstore lip balm or are you looking for a bougie new lipstick to put in your Chanel bag?  

The beauty industry is vast and I really believe there's no such thing as a bad product, it's just about finding what suits your individual needs via skin tone, skin type, and overall preference.

I'm more keen on matte formulas because they're harder working and longer lasting so whenever I see a new product come out, I have to try it because I'm always looking for something better. One formula I still love to this day is the Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick, in particular, the shade Out Loud. For gloss, hydration and a more natural look, I like Bite Beauty's new Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick which tastes good and feels great on the lips. 

Circling back to the Pat McGrath matte lipsticks, I love the colour saturation and how beautifully they apply on the lips but I personally don't like that thick waxy texture it leaves behind so they'll be going back to Sephora.