Bite does it again with this new product

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When it comes to lip products there are few brands where I can confidently stand behind the entire product range. Scratch that. There is only one brand where I can confidently stand behind every single product and that is Toronto-based, Bite Beauty. From their sweet tasting, highly-pigmented colours and hydrating formulas, Bite knows what they're doing and how to get into my makeup bag each season.

When I received a PR package containing twelve (out of the twenty shades) of their new Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipsticks, I was intrigued to dive in and start testing. Here's what's up.

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Don't let the matte tubes fool you, these liquid lipsticks are glossy AF and highly pigmented like the OG Amuse Bouche Lipsticks. For a sheer look, add dab a bit of this liquid lipstick with your fingers and pat it on your lips. The result is a sheer wash of colour for that "just bitten" look. 

For full colour pay off, line your lips with one of Bite's corresponding creamy Lip Liners and pop the Liquified Lipstick on top. 


Castor seed oil (known for its moisturizing properties and nourishing fatty acids), Monoi butter, coconut oil and a touch of vanilla, give the lipsticks a naturally sweet taste that feels good on the lips. If you've ever wondered why Bite tastes so sweet, it's the vanilla. Each product gets a touch of this stuff to make the sensory experience that much better. 

One thing I have always loved about Bite is their diversity in lip colours, which is actually pretty rare in the world of cosmetics. Even with twenty shades under the Liquified Lipstick line up, the variety of colours is massively impressive. Let's be real, makeup giants like Chanel and Cover Girl are still producing colours that look best on white women with fair skin with cool undertones. Sure they have some beautiful colours that cater to olive skin tones but a majority of their shades are for cool, paler skins. I can't help but wonder if being Toronto-based makes Bite more conscientious of their shade line up. Toronto is one of the best multi-cultural cities in the world after all and as a Hispanic woman, I really appreciate when brands cater to my skin tone. I grew up wearing horrific shades of pink-based foundations and cool-toned lip glosses because back in the 90's there were very little options for women of colour. As a result, I always pay attention to when a brand acknowledges diversity in skin tones so I massively applaud Bite for their variety in lip shades. 

I recently reviewed new lipsticks launches from Smashbox and bareMinerals and I was disappointed in both brand's lack of colour diversity. Bite's red shades are beautiful and rich and their burnt orange shade, Purée is so flattering on my skin that it makes my entire complexion glow. Though I'm not a fan of pinks I whole heartedly acknowledge that Éclair, is a pretty neutral pink that will flatter fair complexions beautifully. Whip and Caramelized are pale nudes that that will flatter cool and warm skin tones and then there's Flambé, a stunning red-orange shade that makes me weak in the knees.


BRAISED (deep scarlet), CANDIED (electric cherry-pink), CARAMELIZED (creamy butterscotch),CHUTNEY (rich mauve), DEMI-GLACE (chocolate-mauve), ÉCLAIR (soft rose), FLAMBÉ (vivid orange-red), INFUSE (dark cherry), MARSALA (deep purple-red) PURÉE (burnt orange), SUPREME (rich fuchsia), WHIP (blushed beige)



Real talk; Lipsick co-creator, Diana, was not the biggest fan of Bite when she first tried it. I think part of her was challenging me because I felt so passionate about them and she wanted to push back. A year and a half after I introduced her to the brand, she's all about the Agave Lip Mask and now she's dying to get her hands on her own tube of Purée. That, in my opinion, speaks volumes to Bite Beauty overall. Seriously, did you read her review on Glossier's lip products? She's not messing around and has no time for overhyped makeup.

Overall, I love this product. Well done, you've done it again Bite. With a solid formula and stunning colour line up, I know these are gonna be a hit. The only negative is actually a non-issue if you ask me, and that is the lasting power. If you wear a gloss formula, you are not going to have the same lasting power as a matte liquid lipstick. That's just fact. Easy fix though, it's called a lip liner and all you have to do is fill in your entire mouth with a liner first. It'll act as a primer and give the gloss something to stick to therefore last longer. 

At $28 a tube, these glosses are affordable and luxurious and will leave you wanting more.

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The items in this post are a PR gift. All opinions and photos my own.