M.A.C.'s Iconic Lipsticks

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The first lipstick I ever purchased was from MAC. I was 16 and working part-time at The Bay. I remember thinking that paying more than $10 for makeup was insane, but I was drawn in by the allure of the magazine ads, the new standalone stores, and the glamour.

I kept that lipstick in my bag for years, long after I stopped wearing it. The incredible thing about lipstick, and all lip products in general, is the ability it has to make women feel beautiful. Just recently, I went out for brunch with a friend and felt self-conscious as I wasn’t wearing any makeup. She suggested I put on some lipstick – I did and immediately felt presentable.

Over the years, I’ve purchased hundreds of lip products. Some from my favourite drug store, and as I get older, expensive brands in shades that I continue to repurchase because I know what flatters my skin tone. One of the brands I turn to again and again is MAC.

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The brand’s classic lipsticks retail for $21, which is considered very affordable in this highly competitive market. This season, we’re obsessed with intense shine, and if that’s exclusively what you’re looking for, you might want to pass. You’d be best served by the brand’s extensive collection of glosses. However, if you’re looking for incredible staying power and statement-making shades, you’re bound to be obsessed with the lipstick’s gorgeous matte finishes. The tube in which these lipsticks are housed are a touch phallic, which is line with the brand’s brash, bold and extroverted character.

MAC Cosmetics is 33-years-old this year. The best thing about being in your 30’s is knowing what you want, how to get it, and being unapologetic about who you are. MAC continues to be a trailblazer and mainstay in an industry that’s constantly changing. Sometimes you’re looking for something classic and understated. Other times you don’t give a fuck and want to show people you’re having a great time and willing to take risks. No matter the occasion, MAC’s got you covered.



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MAC products featured in this post are a PR gift. All opinions and images are my own.


Diana Aldea

The name might be new to you, but Diana’s has been developing content for major brands for over a decade. She’s worked in advertising, ecommerce, broadcast TV and the public sector. That’s nice and all, but what does she know about lipstick? Aside from wearing it since the tender age of 11, she’s been a beauty contributor to WoahStyle since its inception, and actually pushed Nathalie to create the brand. She’s also real AF, so she ain’t gonna lie to you about products and how they work.